Professional Indemnity

Medical Malpractice Indemnity (MMI) is a critical component of medical practice, as it protects both doctors and patients from a range of unforeseen events.

As doctors have differing needs and preferences for the type of MMI, the SMA Council has identified three Preferred Partners for the common MMI models in Singapore: Medical Protection Society (MPS); Income; and Marsh-Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT).

SMA relates to these three Partners in different, often overlapping ways. We collaborate by offering services for a fee (e.g. in administration matters relating to Singapore doctors, or organising educational events and professional meetings). This enables our Partners to serve doctors in Singapore more comprehensively without needing a larger staff. More importantly, we keep in contact with their managers in charge of professional support and services. When invited, SMA participates in the Scheme Management Committee of specific MMIs, where we directly offer input to MMI management in the periodical review of their schemes.

More than just a responsibility towards our SMA Membership, such involvement enables us to help keep MMIs up to date with the concerns of Singapore doctors. MMI products that are better aligned with new trends and changing directions in the practice of medicine in Singapore can also better meet the needs of our local doctors.

It is every doctor's responsibility to ensure they are adequately covered. The choice of MMI model is best made by the doctor, according to the specific features of his or her practice model. We trust that knowing SMA’s Preferred Partners will make the final choice easier for our Members.


MPS Indemnity Scheme

For enquiry, please call 800 616 7055 (MPS toll-free)  or email
Singapore-specific website:
Online application available on website

Income Medical Indemnity Insurance

For enquiry, please call 6223 1264 or email
Email completed form to

Application Form (145kb)

For enquiry, please call 6411 9002 or email (Rachel Ong/Joel Tng)
Online application available on website
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