26 Sep 2016

  [Member Exclusive] Trade In Promotion for the HEINE mini3000 Combined Diagnostic Set
Trade in your used diagnostic set instruments and obtain discounted rates for a new HEINE mini3000 combined diagnostic set. SMA Members would receive additional free gifts too!

23 Sep 2016

  [Member Exclusive] Be Part of the SMA Clinic Assistant Train and Place Programme Today!
The SMA Clinic Assistant Train and Place Programme, which targets individuals who are currently unemployed and eager to return to the workforce, seeks to support the manpower needs of the healthcare industry. It consists of 2 components, namely a 4-day Clinic Assistant Introductory Skills Course and job placement opportunities for clinics/healthcare institutions owned or managed by SMA Members.

20 Sep 2016

  [Last 10 Days] Exclusive SMA Rates for 3M Water Dispensers!
SMA Members could purchase a 3M table top or standing water dispenser (inclusive of a free installation) for your clinic and home at exclusive discounted rates!

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Calendar of events


The Annual National MedicoLegal Seminar 2016

22-23 Oct 2016, Sat-Sun, Raffles City Convention Centre

Core Concepts in Medical Professionalism

1 October 2016, Saturday, 8.30am to 5pm, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Tower A

SCS-SMA Cancer Education Series 2016 (Breast Cancer)

24 September 2016, Saturday, 1pm to 5pm, Health Promotion Board Auditorium