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02 Apr 2018

Application for SMA-MSAF Bursary (AY2018/19)
Application for the SMA Medical Students' Assistance Fund (SMA-MSAF) is now open for both New and Existing students from LKC Medicine and Duke NUS Medical School. Students from NUS Medicine please submit your application through NUS Student Affairs Office. Read on to find out more.

24 Jan 2018

SMACF is turning 5!
Do you know that SMA Charity Fund (SMACF) is turning five in April this year? We have grown from a little sprout to a sturdy young tree in just a handful of years and it would not be possible without the support of our wonderful donors and volunteers. Thank you for riding together on this journey with us! Read on to discover how we can achieve more in 2018 as a community.


SMA Charity Fund in brief



The SMA Charity Fund, the Singapore Medical Association’s (SMA) independent charity arm, is an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) and charity in Singapore. Both SMA and SMACF believe in giving back to society, and encourage SMA members to do the same. We are firm in our goal of addressing the myriad needs in the medical and public health landscape.
We aim to create a bigger impact towards better healthcare in Singapore, focusing on the strategic areas of:

1)  Financial needs:Relieving the distress, poverty and suffering among members of the public, including members of the medical profession in Singapore, and also to provide scholarship, financial assistance and awards for students pursuing studies in medical education.
2)  Volunteerism: Promoting volunteerism amongst the medical profession.
3)  Learning Exposure: Supporting students pursuing medical studies to attend conferences, seminars, workshops or the like, leading to enhanced medical knowledge and better health outcomes for the public.
4)  Mentorship: Developing awards in recognition of outstanding mentors and researchers, with a special focus on research with significant contributions to public health.

Only with your support are we able to enable bright student like Mr Lau Lagarfeld, a Year 2 student at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, to learn and serve the community and patients. When it seems impossible for young Lagarfeld to pursue his dream in medicine when his father was retrenched but, against all odds, Mr Lau worked hard and made it possible for Lagarfeld by taking on additional part-times jobs to make ends meet. Here is their story.

You can also read more about SMACF and the SMA Medical Students' Assistance Fund, which comes under SMACF’s umbrella:

A) SMA News

B) Annual Publications


Our Programmes and Charitable Activities:

Interested in providing needy medical students with financial support? Find out more about the SMA Medical Students' Assistance Fund or simply donate via today!

Want to put your passion for Medicine and medical training to good use? Do what you love because they will love what you do! Check out our available Volunteering Opportunities. If you know of other causes that you feel need our members’ support, do contact us at  to find out more about complimentary advertising in SMA News, our monthly newsletter.

SMACF is a partner organisation of the upcoming 1st International Conference on Humanitarian Medical Missions, which will be held from 30th October to 1st November 2014 at the Academia (Singapore General Hospital Campus). This conference aims to enhance the spirit of volunteerism among physicians and healthcare professionals, and encourage them to work across borders for a better and more peaceful world. SMACF will be sponsoring the registration fees of selected Singapore medical students in financial need, so that they can attend the conference without additional monetary burden. 

Have additional suggestions for initiatives that you would like us to consider? Drop us a message under contact us!

If you are a medical student in Singapore and require financial assistance:     

  • The SMA Medical Students’ Assistance Fund was set up by SMA to support the living expenses of needy medical students in Singapore and now comes under SMACF’s umbrella. The Fund is a long term commitment by the medical profession comprising both doctors and students, to help their peers in focusing on what’s important in medicine – being a good and ethical doctor. 
  • Register here to be a bursary applicant, or if you have already registered, submit your application now. (You must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident to apply.)
  • Bursary is open at the beginning of each academic year. SMA Charity Fund will disbursed the bursary in the 4th quarter of the year.  Only successful applicants will be notified.  

  • Bursary recipients may be required to support SMA Charity Fund in publicity and outreach efforts.