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SMA News - Current Issue

April 2021

Vol. 53 No. 4

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The Editors' Musings

Dr Tina Tan and Dr Alex Wong



Remote Monitoring for Clinical Trials: A Disruptor or False Dawn?

Dr Ng Wei Yan and A/Prof Daniel Ting


President's Forum

Embracing Technology

Dr Tan Yia Swam


Council News

Highlights from the Honorary Secretary

Dr Ng Chew Lip



In Memory of Dr Yong Nen Khiong (1927-2021)

Dr Wong Chiang Yin



Translating Technology Advances for Patient Safety - Nursing Innovations at Point of Care

Hoi Shu Yin and Wendy Leong Hui Ling



Ultrasound in Primary Care

Dr Kwong Seh Meng


POCUS in the Singapore EDs

Dr Toh Hong Chuen


Exec Series

Social Media: Tips on the Dos and Don'ts

Dr Tan Yia Swam



Survey on Integrated Shield Plan Providers

Dr Ng Chew Kwan



Strength in Times of Adversity

Tan Ying Hui and Denisse Ong


From the Heart

Project Sukacita: Bringing Joy to Those We Serve

Chia Yi Mian



SMA Membership Services & Other Benefits


Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)