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SMA News - Current Issue

June 2020

Vol. 52 No. 6

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The Editors' Musing

Dr Tina Tan and Dr Jipson Quah



Apollo's Arrows and Sun Tzu's Stratagem

Dr Gan Wee Hoe


President's Forum

Adjustments and Adaptability

Dr Tan Yia Swam


Council News

Highlights from the Honorary Secretary

Dr Ng Chew Lip


Timeline of Events



Preparing for COVID-19 Pandemic: Perspectives and Lessons Learnt from the Surgical Department

Dr Chew Min Hoe


Keeping the Mobile Phone Charged During a Blackout

Dr Christopher Cheok


COVID-19 in Singapore

Dr Kenneth Lyen


COVID-19 Pandemic: A Life-Changing Experience

Dr Cheryl Chang, Dr Lucas Lim, Dr Eugene Fidelis Soh and Anonymous



Love in the Time of Corona(virus)

Dr Ada Ngo


Caring for COVID-19 Heroes (Part 1)


AIC Says

Launch of AIC eServices for Financing Schemes (eFASS)

Agency for Integrated Care



Best Practices in Management of Issues Faced by Post-partum Women