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SMA News - Past Issues

April 2020

Vol. 52 No. 4

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The Editors' Musings

Dr Tina Tan and A/Prof Daniel Fung



First, Do No Harm - Have We Been Keeping Our Oath?

Lynn Tan and Vera Chua


President's Forum

Challenges to Being a Doctor Today

Dr Lee Yik Voon


Council News

Highlights from the Honorary Secretary

Dr Lim Kheng Choon



A Close Encounter with COVID-19

Dr Lam Mun San


Strength in Unity: The Ups and Downs of COVID-19

Dr Zhao Zhenru, Dr Paul Tern, A/Prof Ong Biauw Chi, Dr Alex Wong and Dr Sunder Balasubramaniam


A Coronavirus Commentary: 2003 to 2020

Prof Chee Yam Cheng


The Truth about Surgery: Personal Anecdotes from a Public-Sector Surgeon (Part 1)

Dr Chew Min Hoe


Sustainability in Action

Daryl Lai


From the Heart

Water from the Heart: Project Naamjai

Dr Hargaven Singh Gill and Dr Evelyn Wong Yi Ting


AIC Says

Supporting Our Care Partners in the Fight against COVID-19

Agency for Integrated Care




Dr Tan Ze Jia



The Annual National Medico-Legal Seminar 2020


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