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SMA News - Past Issues

November 2019

Vol. 51 No. 11

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The Editors' Musings

Dr Tan Yia Swam and A/Prof Cuthbert Teo



A Final Many Words on the LLA Case

The Hobbit


President's Forum

Medico-Legal Thoughts

Dr Lee Yik Voon


Council News

Highlights from the Honorary Secretary

Dr Lim Kheng Choon


34th CMAAO General Assembly

Dr Chong Yeh Woei


SMA CMEP - Health Law

The Current Medico-Legal Climate and Defensive Medicine

Dr Ng Shu Li and Dr T Thirumoorthy



Medical Malpractice Indemnity Solutions – The Differences between Discretionary Indemnity and Insurance

Rachel Ong and Joel Tng (Marsh-JLT Specialty)


My Journey as a Court-Appointed Medical Assessor

Dr Winston Woon


Angels are Not Perfect – Can Human Doctors Be?

Dr Chuang Wei Ping


Medical Humanities – Connecting Science and Art

Dr Rayan Alsuwaigh and Dr Anantham Devanand



The Turmoil of a Trainee

Dr Tina Tan


Doctors in Training

At the Heart of Dissection Electives

Faye Ng Yu Ci


AIC Says

Participate and Anticipate: A Future-Ready Community Care Sector

Agency for Integrated Care



Doctors or Musicians – Why Not Both?

Dr Hirantha Ariyadasa



Be Better Prepared for Emergencies


SMA eMarket Black Friday Sale


SMA Members' Appreciation Nite 2019