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SMA News - Past Issues

August 2019

Vol. 51 No. 8

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The Editors' Musings

Dr Tan Yia Swam and Dr Alex Wong



Private but Not Alone

A/Prof Cheong Pak Yean and Dr Desmond Wai


President's Forum

Singapore Healthcare: What's Up Ahead for GPs?

Dr Lee Yik Voon


Council News

Honouring Excellence


Highlights from the Honorary Secretary

Dr Lim Kheng Choon



Setting Up a Clinic: My Highs and Lows

Dr Alex Wong


Preparing for Retirement: My Personal Journey

An Active Retiree



What Killed Sir Stamford Raffles?

Dr Kenneth Lyen



We Really All Need Somebody

Dr Tan Su-Ming


Faith Healer

Dr Tan Su-Ming


Doctors in Training

A Voice for the Young: SMA DIT Committee

Dr Benny Loo, Dr Lucy Jennifer Davies, Dr Chin Run Ting, Dr Andrea Ang


Exec Series

SGSecure for Ambulatory Care Centres and Clinics

Dr Wong Sin Yew and Dr Jean Sim


AIC Says

Prepare for Public Health Emergencies

Agency for Integrated Care



Retirement: How to Make the Best Use of It

Dr Wong Kai Sang



The Annual National Medicolegal Seminar 2019


SMA Clinic Assistant Place and Train Programme 2019


SMA National Medical Students' Convention