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SMA News - Past Issues

April 2019

Vol. 51 No. 4

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The Editors' Musings

Dr Tan Yia Swam and Dr Chie Zhi Ying



Did the Herb Cause This? - Myths and Facts about Chinese Herbs

Dr Linn Yeh Ching


President's Forum

The Way Forward: Building a Strong Doctor-Patient Relationship

Dr Lee Yik Voon


Council News

Highlights from the Honorary Secretary

Dr Lim Kheng Choon



Acupuncture in the Management of Addictions

Dr Lambert Low


Pain Management in General Practice

Dr Bernard Lee MK


Vaccinations VS The Anti-Vax Movement

Dr Hsu Li Yang



A TCM Perspective on Cancer Management

Sun Hui Li


Art in Medicine

Prof Christopher Cheng


Professional Supervision

Dr Luke Toh and Cleo Ngadimin



Equipping Clinic Assistants for Your Clinic

Terry Teong



Like Seeing for the Very First Time

Dr Tan Su-Ming


Groundhog Day

Dr Tan Su-Ming


From the Heart

Remembering Emeritus Prof Chia Boon Lock


AIC Says

Putting Your Patient First

Agency for Integrated Care



Put Your Aprons On! - Team Building Through Cooking

Dr Chie Zhi Ying



SMA Annual Golf Tournament 2019


Do You Need Help in Your Clinic?