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SMA Disassociation from DoctorxDentist List

SMA Disassociation from DoctorxDentist List

The SMA has received complaints from members that their practice particulars have been included, without their permission, on the DoctorxDentist (DxD) website, which publishes doctor directories and offers medical concierge services.

Some of these members have written to the DxD website to request that their particulars be removed, as they do not wish to be associated with the website in any way. However, their requests have been met with steadfast refusal by the DxD website to remove their practice particulars.

The SMA has collated the following list of doctors [currently 1,587] who do not wish to be associated with the DxD website, so that the public may be informed that the DxD website does not have the support of these doctors. These doctors do not agree to have their practice details listed on the DxD website, nor agree to have appointments made on their behalf.

SMA has included both members and non-members, as a show of solidarity. We take this opportunity to encourage doctors to join the SMA so that we can continue to represent their views.

The lists are updated as of 23 Nov 2020, 11.59pm. SMA will update both lists regularly. [Note: lists removed on 15 Feb 2021 as part of closure of this issue]

If you wish for your name to be included in this list, please click on the link below and provide us with your particulars.

If you have made a previous submission, but do not see your name in the lists below, please send an email to

The lists will remain online until DxD removes all the names on the lists and all other information pertaining to the doctors on the lists.

SMA members who are not associated with DxD [list removed]

Non-members who are not associated with DxD [list removed]

For SMA's previous communications regarding DxD, please click on link here.