Application Deadline: 15 Aug 2024

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) aspires to be world-class in delivering a safe and secure home for our people. In pursuing our mission to help make Singapore safe and secure. We remain always constant and true to our core values of Honour and Unity.

Job Description / Job Responsibilities

The Medical Services Division aims to provide an excellent and comprehensive healthcare for the officers and staff in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Our mission is to provide uniformed officers with proper health protection, ensure that they are medically fit for their operational roles and promote the healthy living practices for all the staff.


As healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry with an ever-increasing demand for services, a rewarding and challenging career awaits for the Director, Medical Services. The roles of the position include, but are not limited to:


  1. Operationally manage MHA’s healthcare services, including general health services, medical contingencies, operational health services and basic medical service contracts for all staff;
  2. Undertake and implement ministry-wide clinical health improvement processes and projects to support MHA’s long-term medical goals;
  3. Set standards for MHA healthcare services and operational health services;
  4. Oversee the system of medical directives and to promulgate necessary medical directives to ensure that operational healthcare is standardised in principle and basic health is monitored and optimised.
Job Requirements

Singapore Medical Council (SMC) registered specialist, preferably in public health, occupational medicine, family medicine or sports medicine with experience in healthcare policy/management.

Employee Benefits

Ministry of Home Affairs


17 Jul 2024

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