SMA Charity Fund
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Our Fundamentals

A compassionate profession that impacts healthcare

Strengthen medical professionalism to benefit the community

To promote and advance public health-related and health education in Singapore

To develop interest in, increase awareness of and address health and health-related issues
and/or needs through activities, campaigns and events targeted to benefit the needy and the general public

To relieve the distress and hardship and promote the welfare of members of the public, including members of the medical profession  in Singapore
and in furtherance thereof to do all or any of the following :

to provide,create, administer grant, sponsor and/or jointly sponsor donations, awards, sponsorships,
scholarships, bursaries or any other kind of financial assistance of all and any kind to needy students in the 
medical field of education

To provide funding, sponsor, jointly sponsor and/or run projects, programmes and/or activities
related to the medical field for needy students pursuing studies in the same field; 

To provide funding sponsor and/or jointly sponsor medical research and public health projects

Providing Financial Assistance

Supporting Learning Exposure

Advocating  Volunteerism

Recognising Mentorship