SMA Charity Fund
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From our Chairperson

Since our inception on 25 February 2013, SMA Charity Fund (SMACF), an independent charity arm of the Singapore Medical Association (SMA), has been actively engaging various stakeholders to ensure a great start to our charitable endeavours.

SMACF contributes toward better healthcare in Singapore through four strategic initiatives:

  • Providing Financial Assistance — SMACF reaches out to needy medical students, providing financial aid through the SMA Medical Students’ Assistance Fund. Funds are fully disbursed to these students and not offset against their tuition fees.
  • Promoting Volunteerism — SMACF believes in the value of building a compassionate medical profession. Volunteering opportunities are created to tap on the technical skills of the medical profession.
  • Supporting Learning Exposure — SMACF lends necessary support to needy medical students to enable them to attend medical conferences or overseas elective postings, creating equal opportunities in the pursuit of medical knowledge.
  • Recognising Mentorship — SMACF develops awards in recognition of outstanding mentors and researchers, with a special focus on research with significant contributions to public health.

The cost of pursuing a medical education in Singapore comes with a hefty price tag, which often presents a huge challenge to aspiring medical students from needy families. A preliminary review of medical students’ living expenses survey administered in the three medical schools clearly highlights the increasing expenses of medical students. In this day and age, medical students also come from an increasingly diverse range of family financial backgrounds. It is thus imperative that SMACF looks into such trends, and to the best of our abilities, see to it that needy medical students are taken care of.

I am heartened by the collegiality and generosity of my fellow doctors and supporters of SMACF, without which we could not have made such encouraging progress. Since its inception, SMACF has received approximately $300K in donations. A large proportion of the funds is channelled into charitable activities, while the rest is used for operational and governance matters.

In 2014, SMACF successfully renewed our Institution of Public Character (IPC) status for an additional two years. This serves as a testament to the quality of our work, the social impact of our programmes and the strength of our governance. With the renewed IPC status, SMACF will continue to issue tax-deductible receipts to donors for qualifying donations.

Going forward in 2015, SMACF aims to leverage on the strong presence and network of the SMA to carry out more diverse charitable activities to impact local healthcare. I beseeched my esteemed colleagues and supporters to continue supporting our endeavours to nurture a compassionate profession and to strengthen medical professionalism for the benefit of the community.


Prof Wong Tien Yin
SMA Charity Fund Board of Directors
31 December  2014

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