SMA Charity Fund
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From our Chairperson

As proud members of a noble profession, we stand on the shoulders of giants, from the outstanding teachers and mentors to the founding fathers of Singapore medicine and healthcare. We often attribute our success to our hard work and intelligence, yet forgetting the road that was paved before us.

Our shared vision of the SMACF is to remember the tradition of our profession and to build and nurture a new generation of compassionate doctors and professionals that impacts our healthcare. This is only possible with strong support from physician-role models that inspire the next generation of doctors through their industry, perseverance, compassion and generosity.

The medical students of today form the backbone of tomorrow’s healthcare. Yet, in Singapore’s society where social mobility has declined, for many potential future medical students from lower socioeconomic strata, the pursuit of a medical education is a daunting one due to rising tuition fees and cost of living. Over the years, SMACF has been working with our medical schools to ensure that any young person who has the passion, ability and dream to be a doctor, irrespective of family background and socioeconomic status, has the chance to be a member of our profession. We help students where it is most needed.

Since our inception in 2013, we have been actively engaging various stakeholders through four strategic initiatives: providing financial assistance to needy medical students through the SMA Medical Students’ Assistance Fund (SMA-MSAF); advocating volunteerism by promoting and supporting meaningful student-led healthcare projects; supporting learning exposure by sponsoring underprivileged students for overseas learning conferences; and recognising mentorship by acknowledging exemplary medical educators.

One of the key challenges we faced in 2017 was the decreasing number of donors and quantum of donations. To counter this, we ramped up efforts to generate publicity and brand awareness throughout the year. In August, SMACF participated in FutureMed 2017, where long-time donors were invited to engagement sessions with student beneficiaries, and students were given opportunities to present their SMACF-supported community service projects. A donor management system has been set up to better engage our donors, as well as to enhance protection of donors’ data and information. We have also started exploring additional avenues of giving through technology, and leveraging on the strong network of the SMA to galvanise its members to raise funds collectively. With the increased publicity, we were encouraged to see a small influx of new donors and to receive enquiries from donors who wished to explore giving as a tribute to their loved ones in the form of a Legacy Gift.

In 2018, we will continue to focus on building a broader and more sustainable donor base with a call to action – “Pay it forward! Donate $50 or more per month”.

I urge you, my fellow doctors and donors, to support us in this impactful endeavour. SMACF remains committed to help nurture the doctors of tomorrow and provide a level playing field by supporting passionate but underprivileged medical students throughout their education journey.


I am grateful to the Board of Directors, management and staff, who have been steadfast and committed in the face of the challenges faced over the past year. In particular, I wish to record my appreciation for former board member Mr Sitoh Yih Pin for his leadership and contribution throughout his tenure, and also welcome Mr Alex Koh Wei Peng to the Board. I also wish to thank the Deans of the medical schools and their respective offices for their collaboration over the years, as well as our donors and volunteers for their unflagging support and generosity.

Prof Wong Tien Yin
SMA Charity Fund Board of Directors
31 December 2017