SMA Charity Fund
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Our Board of Directors

SMACF Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are appointed in accordance to the Articles of Association of the SMA Charity Fund. No director in the SMACF receives any remuneration for his services as a director of SMACF, including services on any committee established by the SMACF.

Our Board of Directors are:

Prof Wong Tien Yin
Board of Directors

Mr T K Udairam
Audit & Nominating Committee
Dr  Wong Chiang Yin
Finance Committee
Mr Colin Lim Fung Wan
HR Committee
Mr Alex Koh
Board Member
(w.e.f October 2017)

Dr Lim Kheng Choon
Board Member  

Dr Noorul Fatha As'art
Board Member 
Adj. Prof Tan Sze Wee
Board member
Dr Charles Toh Chai Soon
Board Member
Prof Thio Li-ann
Board Member
Mr Sitoh Yih Pin
Board Member
(April 2013 - October 2017)


Members of the SMACF Committees are:

Audit Committee
Chairperson: Mr T.K. Udairam
Members: Mr Colin Lim, Mr Alex Koh

Finance Committee
Chairperson: Dr Wong Chiang Yin
Members: Prof Thio Li-Ann, Adj. Prof Tan Sze Wee

Human Resource Committee
Chairperson: Mr Colin Lim
Member: Dr Lim Kheng Choon

Nominating Committee
Chairperson: Mr T.K. Udairam
Member: Dr Noorul Fatha As'art

The Board of Directors will also be acting as the Programmes Committee and the Fundraising Committee.

The SMA Charity Fund and our Board of Directors are supported by the staff team of the Singapore Medical Association in the work of the Charity.