SMA Charity Fund
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Latest Highlights


Year End Review of SMACF ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Campaign – Donate $50 or more per month.


In April 2018, we made an announcement via the SMA Charity Fund Annual Report 2017 and kicked off the ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Campaign – Donate $50 or more per month with the aim to co-create a strong identity and positive culture of giving among the medical professionals.

We have cross the half way mark and it is essential for us to continue and work hard to achieve our fundraising target of $450,000 so that we can build a broader and more sustainable donor base of doctors and donors to meet the needs of financially challenged medical students.


As we count down to the New Year in 4 days’ time, we hope to mobilise more SMA members and to encourage existing donors to take a leap of faith and achieve our fundraising goal as one!


Click on any donation decorations on the tree to make a difference this Christmas!


All donations would qualify for tax deduction and be automatically included in your tax assessment for amount above $50, if you provide us with your NRIC / FIN / UEN.