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21 Mar 2018

SMA quoted in TODAYonline news report on IP riders, co-payments and deductibles
After the Ministry of Health’s announcement that new Integrated Shield plan (IP) riders must feature co-payments to keep the healthcare landscape sustainable, a TODAY news report quoted SMA’s stance on the issue.

29 Jan 2018

Joint CFPS and SMA Advisory on participation in Telemedicine and Online issuance of Medical Certificates
The College of Family Physicians Singapore and Singapore Medical Association are issuing a joint advisory on participation in Telemedicine and Online issuance of Medical Certificates.


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SMA believes that members have an integral part to play in shaping Singapore’s healthcare landscape for the better, both for doctors and for patients.


"I think few will disagree that the practice of Medicine is based upon a framework of professionalism with its components of knowledge, ethics and compassion. The core business of the profession is therefore achieving the best interests of our patients. By putting the interests of the weak and vulnerable first, the profession also advocates and propagates key social values such as altruism, compassion, fidelity, trustworthiness and, perhaps even filial piety."
A/Prof Chin Jing Jih at the SMA Annual Dinner 2012, 12 May 2012


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