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<April 2021>

About Medical Practice Management

Medical Practice Management ("MPM') aims to provide doctors with executive excellence, and equip them with management skills required of a medical practioner. This includes aspects such as finance and human resource management, and the development of leadership skills and business acumen. These skills serve to enhance doctors in their areas of practice, and to achieve physician leadership.

To achieve this, we had partnered with various institutions and training providers to bring to you excellent and relevant content. You can find our list of training faculty and should you be interested to partner with us in building the knowledge resource in the healthcare community, please feel free to contact us with your proposal and relevant CV.

A list of courses under MPM can be found in our List of Courses. Should you have any topic that you will like us to look into providing, please feel free to contact us and with sufficient interest, we may be able to bring that course to you.

Should you like to find a course that is currently available for registration, do go to: 
Search Courses for Doctors; or
Search Courses for Non-Doctors,
for the list of such courses.


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