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21 Jan 2018

Help save a life

01 Dec 2017

Common Complaints and Claims against Singapore GPs - lessons from MPS files
Using recent real-life cases, we will review the experience of some of our members, and look at what could have been done to ensure a better outcome. Designed to give you unique insight into the causes of complaints and claims, our expert facilitators will guide you through this interactive workshop. There will be an opportunity to network with colleagues and meet the Medical Protection team. You can also visit our medicolegal clinic at the end of the conference to ask our panel of experts about medicolegal, ethical and educational queries.

About SMA Courses

SMA Academy seeks to be the education institution that brings you the needed skill sets essential to succeed beyond being just a competent clinician. One must understand that a good and successful doctor is more than merely a skilled technician, but develops in tandem good ethics and professionalism, a robust knowledge of health law and medical practice management skills.

The SMA Academy also runs courses to equip our members and medical professionals with relevant skill sets to impact the overall competency of the healthcare sector and its resources, for the betterment of patient care and public health.

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The SMA Centre for Medical Ethics and Professionalism (“SMA CMEP”) which aims to develop and promote the art and science of medical ethics and medical practice for the betterment of patient care and public health. The Centre provides leadership in the domains of Professionalism, Clinical Ethics, Health Law and Medical Practice.

The Medical Practice Management ("MPM") arm seeks to provide clinicians with key management and leadership skills to manage a successful team and practice.

Education Road Map

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An all rounded medical practitioner

Compassionate Practitioner   Clincian Leader   Skilled Expertise
SMA CMEP hopes to provide doctors with a platform for life-long learning in the areas of Medical Ethics, Professionalism and Health Law.   MPM aims to provide doctors with executive excellence, and equip them with management skills required of a medical practitioner.   Technical skills that have been covered in medical schools and empasised through other professional bodies.